Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the voice tag it’s just to protect the song. All beats are delivered without tags.

No you cannot change any melodies, instruments, drums programming or transfer all or any of the products sold or the corresponding rights to a third person, or for use in any similar product and you agree that the instrumental is protected by SACEM copyright.

Of course, you can use it by purchasing the Gold License available on also you can buy the Platinum license if you want to monetize.

Each beat is limited to a distribution, you must buy again the same beat to obtain 2500 sales. You can also buy a Platinum License to take advantage to 10 000 sales and monetization.

The stems are the tracks grouped on one track. It allows better mixing with your voice and a more professional result. You will receive a folder with stems like this: One track for the KICK, One for the SNARE, one for the HIT HATS, one for the BASS and one other for the GUITAR & KEYS. Separate stems are available only with the Ultimate License and they are provided in 24-bit / 44.1 kHz.

Lease beats are not all available for Exclusive License.

Yes, after you make a purchase you will be sent links to download your beat(s) including WAV and MP3 files and the contract.

Any purchase is firm and final.